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I would like to thank everyone that showed up at open house on Sunday. We had a crowd, it was wonderful to meet everyone. If anyone needs more information on the home or schools in the area please feel free to call or email.  Lisa 602-390-4329 or Bill 602-390-3096

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Scottsdale open house


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I have had great calls this week on the rental property in Scottsdale. I am looking forward to seeing everyone that I chatted with, it is nice to put names and faces together. I will have flyers and applications. See you Sunday from 1-3. OH! if you have any questions Bill would be glad to answer them his number is 602-390-3096

Free Car Insurance Quote


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Cheap Insurance


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I received a request to add this link to my site, it is for insurance. It is a cute site, please make your own requests for information and check them out. I have not used them. They have great content and information on the site.

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Thinking Green!


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No, not this green, but he's cute, isn't  he?

Thinking green?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the energy issues in the world, and many people are working on ‘greening up their act’. This can all be very intimidating, however, so I thought we’d post about some changes you can make, both big and small.

Big Changes

If your fridge, washer, dryer, or your water heater are on their way out, now is the ample time to replace them with energy efficient machines! There are several options of each, so be sure you do your research beforehand.

Solar power is also a big undertaking, but it makes a huge difference. There are also government incentives in some areas that you can look into to possibly make the initial expense easier to take on!

Small Changes

There are so many small changes you can do, that seem simple, but they really do add up!

Change your light bulbs! CFL bulbs are affordable, and last a great deal longer than normal light bulbs, and also take much less energy, and now they come in a variety of colors to choose from.       With just one CFL light bulb, you can save an average of $22 a year. If you have 30 light fixtures in your home, that is a savings of $3300 over a five year period.

Instead of getting a new energy efficient dryer, put up a clothes line. It takes a bit more time, but saving $130 a year for the average household isn’t too shabby, not to mention the energy it saves.

It's an American tradition!

Insert clothes here.

A simple google of ‘homemade household cleaners’ brings up a wealth of very helpful blogs and websites filled with recipes of cleaning products without all of the harsh chemicals and toxic fumes, all made with things you have in your home already most likely. You can save a lot of money with these, and if you’re interested, leave a comment and maybe we’ll review a few of the cleaners! Be sure to include a link to the one you’d like to see!

Shopping for locally grown produce is a bit more expensive, but if you can swing it, it really does go a long way to help our local farmers. You can also make a small garden for yourself and grow your own produce! This is both fun and rewarding, and if you have little ones, a wonderful learning experience!

Bank of America or Bank of Annoying!?


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Gather, boys and girls, for it’s story time!

There was once a broker–let’s call her Lisa, and her wonderful client, we’ll call her Sue. Lisa and Sue discovered a home, back in November of the distant year 2009.

“Lisa, I like this house!” Sue exclaimed, and so happily, Sue and Lisa proceeded to put an offer on the house, that turned out to be a short sale. The bank assured all parties involved that everything was wonderful, a negotiator was in place to assist, the BPO was ordered, and soon, Sue would have her home. Everyone was very excited, and there was much rejoicing.

Five months passed by, however, and the evil bank called the seller and demanded a promissory note for $30,000.00, but hey–it’s okay, they’ll take cash. The seller considered this for a moment, before promptly decided to call the buyer and ask for a contribution, or, hey, the total amount would be great, too!

…..Yeah. Except no. Not happening, dream on, and so on.

The bank, however, does not like this! The bank is angry, and decrees that this short sale is DOOMED, and force the poor seller into foreclosure.

It was a dark day, boys and girls. The promises of the bank to turn over a new leaf, and expedite short sales and be more helpful seem to not be coming true, but all was not lost!

Bravely Sue and Lisa ventured forth, and found a diamond in the rough of the tumultuous market–A home that was neither short sale, nor REO! Can it be true!?!?!

The moral of this story, boys and girls: Bank of America should be renamed to Bank of AHHHHHH!!!