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 My poor Buyers, they found a great home that had everything they were looking for, and what a killer back yard! The house was beautiful, new appliances in the kitchen, granite counter tops….etc. An offer is written, a full price offer is written… Yes!!! Listing agents, full price…WOW.  The Seller has rejected the offer, yep!!!! can you believe it? Rejected the offer, here is why. The home will not appraise, the Seller and Listing agent know it will not appraise, so the offer is turned down, the Seller is looking for a CASH offer, or someone that will pony up the 20 or so thousand dollars when the appraisal comes in low. The Seller will not reduce the price of the home to meet the appraisal. The last 8 homes have had appraisal problems, really…. When I list a home I don’t seem to have this problem. Yes, the listing agent really told me that!  WOW… what happened to pricing homes correctly?  As a Buyer’s Agent, I can’t tell my buyers to proceed with another offer on this home, or pay more for a home than current market/ appraised value.

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