Waiting for the lender!


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You’ve all been here before, so lets all close our eyes and imagine this scenario together, shall we? The funds are in the bank, the inspections are done, everything’s been signed off, and the buyer is ready, willing, and able to sign the loan docs and get this closed. Granted, we had to ask for an extension on the closing date once already thanks to the ever ‘prudent’ lender, but here we are, the day before the closing date, every last duck in a row–oh wait, there’s the phone.
“We need a declaration page on two properties.”
…Alright. The buyer owns a couple of homes, yeah we knew this, not a big surprise on our part, but–couldn’t they have decided this a month ago? Did this really have to wait until the day BEFORE closing before realizing that gee, that’s not in the file!
So. They now have the papers. Still waiting. Called the lender this morning, and got the usual ‘let me call you back. Called him back at noon, ‘let me call you back’. …Still waiting. Oh, boy.




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