Credit and Background Checks “Will I pass”? Part III


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So you put your application together, you’ve dotted your ‘I’s and crossed your ‘T’s. Yet still as you read over this packet and check your work you wonder, ‘what if they don’t like my shoes, and deny me’?
Rest assured, a landlord or property management company will not be denying or accepting renter applications simply on the basis of fashion sense (though I’m sure yours is impeccable), instead, they tend to look at a few specific things.
Some keep an eye out for good credit with no judgments, and everything up to date. Others rely more on you having an alright credit score with no judgments, all topped with a steady job and good references. When you fill out your application, keep in mind that Suzy from work might still be holding a grudge over that stapler you borrowed, as the fees you pay for your rental application are non-refundable.
So maybe your credit isn’t so pretty as you’d like it to be, maybe it’s time to look into credit repair. If your credit doesn’t fit their policies, they can turn you down. Some will work with you, but in some such cases you must bring in three times the amount your rent is.
Still, be honest on your application, because the truth will come out. It is better to be told no and be out an application fee, then evicted and thrown out on your back end for fibbing here and there on your rental application.

How do I qualify to rent a home?


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So, you’ve found the place; whether it was the little flowers that stole your heart, the warm atmosphere, or maybe the neighbors, you’ve found it. Fantastic, but what now?
Now is the time to put the agents involved through their paces. That home you’re eyeing has an application for it hidden someplace, your job is to find it. Be that by calling the agent, or finding it on the internet, that is your ticket to your home.
Once you get the documents in question, be as meticulous as you possibly can. Every line needs to be filled out as truthfully as you possibly can in your nicest handwriting. Attaching all the necessary documents that it asks for will speed up the process, and not have your phone ringing off the hook with people asking where this or that is.
‘This or that’ generally consists of a verifiable income source, your rental history, verified by any past landlords, and a background check, as some landlords have a no felony policy. When you answer the questions on the application, be as completely upfront and honest as you possibly can be. If something seems like it needs to be explained, go ahead and do so. Being open from the start earns much more trust. Besides creating a good relationship with your landlord, lies and lies by omission are grounds for eviction from that lovely home you’ve been eyeing.
The last, but still important step in your quest to qualify is your application fee. Find out when you receive your application how much it is, and what accepted payment forms are, and have it bright and shining with your application when you turn it in. If you’re hoping this person will be your future landlord, do you really want the first impression they have of you to be ‘well I’ll have it soon’? I didn’t think so!

How do I find a home to Rent? Part I


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There are a lot of questions floating around about just how exactly a person goes about getting a home to rent. From finding the home, to rental applications and everything associated with them, the task can seem daunting, so we’ve decided to post this series about how to go about getting this your home rental done the best way possible.
The first step is finding the home. While there are printed ads, such as in newspapers, flyers, magazines, and other such media, they tend to be dated and often times have already been rented by the time you see them. This method can work, but tends to induce more headaches then progress.
A better method would be to research yourself on the internet. There are hundreds of free online searches, and while it is useful, it’s also daunting. I recommend calling a real estate agent. Make sure they work with rentals, some firms even specialize in them.
A Better Realty .Net sets up a personalized search based entirely on your preferences and needs. Our website also has a search, and if you find a home you’d like to see our agents would be more than happy to show it to you.
Our agents are knowledgeable on the market today, and understand what the other companies want to see. We can explain the process in terms that aren’t so confusing or intimidating as they can sometimes be. We do affordable property management ourselves, so we have a wealth of knowledge on this topic!