Home renting made simple: Part IV Pet Policies


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Now that you have the application filled up to the brim with lovely handwriting all about little old you, you are no doubt excited and eager to ‘get your move on’, as it were. There is someone else, though, who’s not quite excited. That’s right. Four legged, doe eyed, and whining is Princess Froo Froo, and she knows you forgot about her.

                Pets are more than just companions on a rental application, so be certain you check policies with the person you’ve been working with thus far. Find out what the fees are, be they per pet or one lump sum. Is your pet deposit refundable? And what about Princess Froo Froo’s big sister Bertha, the Great Dane. Is there a breed restriction? You also need to find out what the Home Owner’s Association’s rules on pets are.  Is your pet an inside pet, or outside? Has it bitten anyone, and do you have insurance on it?

                Most landlords will have rules concerning how your deposit can be used, how the pet must be cleaned up after, the general upkeep of the animal and more, so be absolutely certain to get this information when you get your rental application. Princess Froo Froo and Bertha will be glad you did.